Talent Resourcing and Staff Augmentation

We create high-performing, professional teams to augment your staff.

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We understand that a great team is the most essential ingredient for excellent work, which is why we match the right talent with the right opportunities to help businesses thrive.

We meet the talent needs of our partners in two ways: We offer our brilliant team to augment their creative, marketing, design, and development teams, or we actively recruit high-quality talent to fill their open positions.


Staff Augmentation Our team members will bring their skills and expertise to your organization, providing the hands-on support you need to reach your short and long-term business goals. Our talented developers, designers, and writers will ensure that your team produces high-quality projects seamlessly.

Talent Resourcing PRI Talent will match your open role with excellent talent, adding enhanced experience, skills, and expertise to your team. Whether your business is seeking to fill a short or long-term role, we’ll find someone who checks all the right boxes.

Why PRI Talent

PRI Talent understands how important your team and staff are to meeting and exceeding your business goals, and our priority is matching the right talent and solution with the right opportunities, giving your organization the support it needs to thrive.

Staff Augmentation For years, PRI Talent has supported our partners by augmenting their staff to keep projects adequately resourced, on time, and on budget.

Talent Resourcing PRI Talent provides short-term project-based and long-term contract-to-hire talent to serve as an extension of your team. We do the heavy lifting of finding, vetting, and hiring talent, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Looking for talent?

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